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The RSM has developed a resource for individuals who wish to learn and engage in any aspect of the global health agenda. It provides a focus for RSM members to share their experiences and aspirations in this important area of healthcare whilst also facilitating institutional and individual access to new initiatives.  >>>

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UK MPs call for health systems strengthening in low income countries to avoid another Ebola disaster

15 September 2014

In a new report published on Friday, a committee of UK MPs has urged the government and the Department for International Development to do more to strengthen the health systems of developing countries. The report comes in the wake of the ongoing Ebola outbreak which has so far killed over 2000 West Africans and has exposed the weak health systems which could have contained it...

'Writing on the Edge' - an RSM photography exhibition by Tom Craig (Sunday Times)

My Experience in Gambia
The world was my oyster, or so it seemed at first. Finding the right thing to do for my elective was a difficult task resulting in a hundred pages of global population statistics and a world map utterly wrecked by a rampantly mobile drawing pin. Everyone else seemed to have a clear idea of what they wanted to do, but there seemed to be just too much choice, with the world at my feet but what turned out to be a lot of blind-ended roads and expensive projects which looked like profiteering schemes rather than honorable experiences for me to learn about medicine in a wider context.